Game Clips from Past Projects

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Sunset Overdrive 

Sound Supervisor, Microsoft Studios - Responsible for managing multiple audio team members, supervising other designers, working closely with Audio Director at Microsoft and Insomniac Audio team. Collaborated on system design for multiple hero based systems including a limb based vanity system as well as a combo based style tier system. I also worked heavily on HDR and side-chain based systems. 

                                                                            Level of Awesome



Kinect Star Wars 

Sound Supervisor, Microsoft Studios - Responsible for implementation of Rancor destruction system and implementation of all Rancor characters. Worked with 8 developers worldwide to coordinate and assist with all game modes, scheduling, and task management. 


Fable III 

Sound Effects Lead, Microsoft Game Studios - Responsible for content creation and implementation for the dog, certain in game cutscenes, implementation of hero, enemies, ambiences and weapons. Supervised multiple audio team members and worked with content outsourcing groups. 


Fable II

Sound Designer, Microsoft Game Studios - This was my first project as a contractor at Microsoft. I was mostly responsible for implementation of the creatures, weapons, and main player characters. Most content was created by Soundelux and Microsoft’s internal sound team.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Sound Designer, Monolith Productions -Responsible for content and implementation for characters, melee weapons, physics objects, menus, and animation driven events.


Sound Designer, Monolith Productions - Responsible for music implementation and voice over work.


Condemned: Criminal Origins

Sound Designer, Monolith Productions - Responsible for voice over work as well as collaborating on characters and certain weapons. I also contributed content and implementation for some in game scripted events.